About us

Unilabs Online’s mission is to make professional laboratory diagnostics accessible to everyone. The journey to health is supposed to be untroubled, which motivates us to give you ways to conveniently review the process. At unilabs.online, we offer a number of useful tests and their packages that will accompany you on this journey.

Unilabs Online is based in the company Unilabs Slovakia with a network of more than 60 laboratories at the top European level, to provide with high quality and easily accessible laboratory diagnostics across Slovakia. The quality standards of almost all laboratories of Unilabs Slovakia are guaranteed by accreditation compliant with the internationally valid standard ISO 15189:2012. The accuracy of provided results is guaranteed by a regular internal quality control and international external control by an independent laboratory, which guarantees reliable diagnostics.

To guarantee the highest level of convenience, we strive to be as accessible as possible to save your time. For convenient testing, you can visit one of 20 currently available Unilabs Online testing sites / collection sites across the country, where our staff provide professional and discreet care. Speed and efficiency are important to us, which is why the results of most of tests are available within 72 hours. Our affordable, accurate and fully confidential laboratory tests give you the information which you can use take care of your health.

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