How does it work

Book an appointment for an examination in several steps

You can complete the whole process very easily online and without waiting. The  requirement for booking via is the registration by filling in the mandatory data. Within your account, you can order products for yourself and your child. For privacy reasons, one account cannot provide orders for multiple adult persons. How does it work after the registration?


Step 1 – Choose your test

In the catalogue, in the TESTS section, you will find the comprehensive packages we have put together for you from our range of tests. You simply choose the package that interests you. If the package has several variants, you can choose individual variants. The tests themselves, to which the price is assigned, can also be ordered, independently of the package selection.


Step 2 – Choose a place and date of collection

Once you have selected from our range of packages and tests, proceed to the cart. In the second step of your order, choose a date, time and collection site. The collection date selected and booked by you is binding after submitting the order! In case of serious obstacles, you can request one rebooking, at the latest on the third business day before the original date, via the client centre at: In order to be as close to you as possible, we have prepared collection sites across Slovakia, a list of which you can find in the WHERE TO FIND US section.


Step 3 – How to pay

Once you have selected your collection date, payment follows. Fill in the necessary billing information and choose the payment method. You can pay for your order by bank transfer or credit card, and you will receive  confirmation by email.


Step 4 – Wait for the results

After the collection, we will send you a message about the availability of the results to your login email and also in the form of a text message. Depending on the test, you will receive your results within 24 hours or a few days at the latest.


Step 5 – How to read your results

You will find descriptions for each of the parameters listed in your results on the website. Each description can be accessed via the test list or via search. The values flagged with +/- are outside the reference values and should be paid close attention to. Should you wish to get an expert opinion on the results, you can use the services of external consultants on the website.