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CBC allows to detect anemia and thus impaired oxygen supply to tissues, exclude infection or malfunction of the immune system and suspect blood clotting disorders or the risk of blood clots.

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An optimal level of vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of a number of metabolic processes in the body.

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Your skin could be an indicator of your health. Hair and nail deterioration can also be symptoms of other issues aside from aesthetic ones.

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Food intolerance is difficulty digesting certain foods and having an unpleasant physical reaction to them. Food intolerances affect your digestive system. People who suffer from an intolerance, or sensitivity, can’t break down certain foods. They develop gas, diarrhea and other…

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Zuzana Bieliková

Zuzana Bieliková

an interior designer

“I definitely recommend it to busy people; I had the results in my profile in just two days, without unnecessary waiting among sick people.”

Alexandra Zimanová

Alexandra Zimanová

an administrative officer

“The tests in the Sport package helped my coach set up a training plan and supplement the necessary nutrients. I appreciate the availability of these tests.”

Lucia Hrivnák Klocová

Lucia Hrivnák Klocová

an athlete

“Regular monitoring of key blood and urine parameters has had a significant impact on my preparation for top fitness level.”